Overview of Wormsermodels in 1/87

Spedition Wormser (www.wormser.de) is a German logistic supplier in (mostly) the construction supplies. Since 1971 the company uses only DAF Trucks as vehicles in her fleet. A well-taken decision by Mr. Hans Wormser, who was laughed at by his competitors (who buys an uncertain truck of an unknown brand), but Spedition Wormser never regreted her decision. Nowadays the fleet consists of about 200 vehicles, mostly 95XF380 and some DAF CF-types.
In 2004 Wormser took over the company Hermann, known for its silo-transportation.
Do you have old or new pictures of vehicles of Spedition Wormser? I am interested in your pictures, so I can built some other trucks of the company. Please send an email to wormser@atamminga.nl
The overview is not intended to be complete. Additions are welcome. The most information comes from the Herpa Archive CDrom and some fellow-collectors. Click at the number for a picture (if available)
manufacturer number type building remarks
Kibri 10036 DAF FT 2800ti silo semi-trailer (2/3) old colors
Herpa 824003 DAF FT 3300ti SC silo semi-trailer (2/3) -
Herpa 827000 DAF FA 3600Ati curtain trailer (2/3) -
Herpa 824000 DAF FA 95.380 curtain trailer (2/3) -
Herpa 824005 DAF FT 95.380 silo semi-trailer (2/3) -
Herpa 143301 DAF FT 95.380 with spoiler curtain semi-trailer (2/3) -
Herpa 172745 DAF FAR 95.380 with spoiler curtain trailer (3/2) -
Herpa 145435 DAF FAR 95XF SSC curtain trailer (3/2) -
Herpa 220408 DAF FT 95.380 truck-tractor (2/0) -
Herpa 228305 DAF FT 95.500SSC curtain semi-trailer (2/3) Jubileum model 50 years Sped. Wormser
Herpa 228312 DAF FT 95.500SSC silo semi-trailer (2/3) Jubileum model 50 years Sped. Wormser
Herpa 120364 DAF FT 95XF closed semi-trailer (2/3) Jubileum model 1000 years Herzogenaurauch
Herpa 047555 Trabant 601 S Universal   Is used as promotional vehicle
Herpa 154093 DAF FT CF85 silo semi-trailer (2/3) -
Fleischmann/Herpa 527303 (Fleischmann) DAF FT XF105 curtainside semitrailer (2/3) Herpa model op Fleischmann-wagon
Herpa 306577 DAF FT XF (Euro6) bulkoplegger (2/3) -
Fleischmann/Herpa (1/160) 827303 (Fleischmann) DAF FT XF105 curtainside semitrailer (2/3) Herpa model on Fleischmann-wagon
Roco 67521 (Roco) -semi-trailer- curtainside semitrailer (-/3) Roco model on Roco-wagon
Herpa 144575 Scania R124 silo semi-trailer (2/3)