Of course I am working on some models. Here some are mentioned (later shown):

Work in progress ( in my free time):

DAF FFN85.380CF as CE54-1 of 'Gezamelijke Brandweer' (joint firebrigade) in the port of Rotterdam

DAF FAC 95XF ComfortCab, chassis with heavy crane


DAF FA LF55 as fire-fighter

Foden Next Alpha 6x2/4 (on base of a DAF CF Spacecab)

The next types and plans are made or are worked on (not under construction):

DAF FA75 of FA CF 65 as MOW-truck of the RET (Rotterdam Electrical tramway) (Who can help me with drawings/sizes, etc.?)

DAF FA55 sweepingtruck of the RET (also able to drive on the rails!) (Same problem: Who can help me with drawings/sizes, or other information that seems unimportantt?)

GCI 5402 crane (it used to be behind the NTT2800 of Marcon, which I had built already) The real crane was bought by M. Verschoor (www.verschoor-cranes.com) and sold to someone in Florida  (And is there someone out the who has 'by accident' drawings of this type of crane)

and ....

abd ....


My main goal is to built all the different types of chassis DAF and GINAF have or had, and all other non-standard types. So if you have information about non-standard vehicles of this brands, react:

Mail to: informatie@atamminga.nl