DAF/Ginaf links .
Trans-TopThe greatest collection of links about Transport. Only in Dutch and German. Elbert allways likes new links in his area!
DAF Trucks The official site of the DAF Truck factory.
DAF Nederland Site of the Dutch DAF organisation
YP-408 All about this special armoured wheel vehicle by DAF
DAF Club Nederland The club for the owners of DAF-cars.
GINAF Trucks The site of GINAF Trucks ,Veenendaal, the Netherlands
GINAF-service GINAF-Service in Ederveen, the Netherlands
dorstigetypes.nl Site of enthusiasts of military vehicles (They can be visited: look at their website for more information!)
Firebrigade Botlekweg Garage of the 'Gezamelijke Brandweer' in Rotterdam.

H0-ModelautoClub The site of the Dutch H0-modelautoclub.
1-87 Vehicles Club is the American modelvehicle club. Great site with a large photo-gallery.
F-track is the norm for a modulsystem for Faller Car System.
Theo Ringeling is the site of an Dutch Modeller , with special interest in Dutch military vehicles.
Fokko Feenstra is the site of an Dutch Modeller, with special interest in Scania Vabis.
www.87thscale.info/ tries to give a overview of all the stuff produced in 1/87, and more.
modelauto.pagina.nl has a large amount of modelcar related links
Eindhovense Modelbouw Vereniging The Eindhovense Modelbouw Vereniging (Modelling Club of Eindhoven)
Jan van Wees is a site in English with a lot of heavytransport information (especially Mammoet/van Seumeren), both model and real.
Autho87 This site of Vincent Lecat is a site in French, English and German with a collection of heavytransport.
Jeroen Landman Nice site met info about firefighting vehicles and interesting tips (in Dutch)
Forum H0-modelautoclub Interesting forum in Dutch.
Forum Brandweermodelbouw Firerescue modelling in all scales (Dutch).
Forum 87Scalecars 1-87 forum of the 1-87vehicles club (English).

H & H miniatuurshop Builder of showcases: dustfree(!) and dimensions as desired.

Brekelmans modelbouw manufacturer of Focus, for special DAF models.(Website is under construction)
Herpa modelcarmanufacturer
MR-modelbau manufacturer of military kits (ie. YP-408)
MFM manufacturer of resin models (kits and ready built) (ie. Ford Y91 by DAF)
Faller Manufacturer of Faller Car System and kits of buildings etc.
Rietze Manufacturer of vehicles. In 2002 they announced RiBu-drive, which should be compatible with Faller Car System.
Kibri Manufacturer of kits of trucks, cranes, construction equipment and more


Do you know other, interesting links? Send them to links@atamminga.nl If I find them interesting too, they will be added on this page.