DAF Models:

1e generation DAF
the first generation cabs, so until about 1970.

2e generation DAF
DAF 2600 + the tiltcab generation and the belonging serie of types: 400 t/m 3600

3e generation DAF
DAF 95 and later; belonging serie of types: 45 t/m 95 incl. LF, CF and XF

all from the early DAF 600 until the latest 66, incl. all special vehicles like the Kalmar and the Pony

DAF's of DAF
A special part of my collection contains of DAF's of DAF: trucks in demo-colors or other DAF prints.

Type indication I use the type indication used by DAF very often at this site. For them who might not be so familiar with it, a survey of the meaning of the characters.

Overdorp IJmuiden
from 1985 until 1996 I took pictures of allmost all the vehicles of this company. Some of them appeared as a model. Everybody that can help me with photos, pictures, stories, etc. from before or after that speciefied timeframe is very welcome! Please send your reaction to: overdorp@atamminga.nl